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ATB BB Series: My 10 JERF food rules

I will complete five years (or six?) this September since I first decided to go on a low-carb diet.

I lost the weight I needed to in about 15 months, and since then have maintained my weight loss (touchwood). In the meantime, I have experimented and cycled through a number of diet variations to now arrive at what are my food rules through trial & error. I say trial & error because while there is a lot of information online on "How to lose weight", there isn't enough on "Maintainance". In addition, there are those random websites (who me? lol) who keep adding to the confusion with misinformation because just they want to make a few quick bucks.

This is quite honestly the rules I follow currently. These may or may not work for you. The important thing is to educate yourself about research on nutrition.

I am assuming if you have come this far in reading this post, you have an interest in weight loss. If you are unhappy with your weight & health, you c…

The Tattered Clothing trend - Recession or Romanticizing Poverty?

It started off with the 10 piece french inspired no color wardrobe trend. Minimal. Lived In.

Soon Kanye was onto it, and now it is everywhere. I am talking about holes. Holes in jeans, holes in sweatshirts. It is in H&M now and may be the biggest trend in 2017. It is the distressed clothing trend. I don't include the clothes that have artfully placed cuts in them in this category. You know, the cold shoulders & cut-out tops & dresses. Those look good. They remind me of the grunge look popular in the 90s. 
I talk about clothes where the distressing is such that you can't make out if "a moth ate it and it is time to make it into a kitchen cloth" item or if it was "designed to look this way". 
Like this: