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Australian Beauty - Things I love & hate

I will soon be completing a year living in Sydney. When I moved here, I carried all my MAC & Revlon lipsticks, and some makeup from Lakme & Colorbar, essentially Indian brands. But not too much. After all I wanted to try out the brands here, including Sephora! Over time I have come to love certain aspects of the beauty market here, but there are some things which honestly India does better.

Let's start off with the things I love:

1. You can wear makeup. Or not wear makeup. Without Judgement! There is no beauty standard.

If you were to visit Sydney from India, you would probably leave with the impression that girls here wear a lot of makeup.They are too overdone! I too felt like that when I first came here but honestly, that's not correct. Women here wear makeup without being judged for it by society. Makeup does not carry a moral judgment with it and grooming is seen as a part of self-care. In a lot of parts of India, unmarried girls are discouraged from wearing makeup…

Do beauty gurus inspire you?

Are you bored too? With the cookie-cutter highlighting till they look like a discoball and filler-videos like "Watch me blend my makeup with a boiled egg?" (Yes. this exists on youtube, I believe worse exists involving man-parts. I would rather watch the Red Wedding again.)

I saw Wayne Goss's video on this, and I couldn't agree more. 

I can't identify with the Instagram-makeup trend, which seems like a mix of drag queen & kardashian makeup on steroids. It takes massive skills to do that kind of makeup and also time. While the videos are speeded & edited to be short, I doubt it takes any less than an hour to put together that look. 
While I really enjoy watching these videos, I doubt I have any occasion to do such makeup. They are definately not looks I can wear in a professional setting (I have seen those drawn-on eyebrows in person and up-close they are so distracting to say the least!), and I cannot wear them for daily life coz I'm mostly schelping…