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My current skin routine

Fathima of Babble Queen Diaries has been running a section called "Girl Talk" where she features bloggers / friends and talks about some aspect of Beauty.

For her latest post, she honoured me by contacting me for my current skincare routine. You can read about my entire current routine here.

My routine has simplified over the years. Maybe because I don't have the time anymore to apply and wait for layers of products to absorb, maybe because I use more gentler products now so my skin doesn't need as much TLC.

Anyways, scoot over to Fathima's blog to read more!

ATB BB Series: What's your North Star?

The "North Star", also known as the "Star that does not walk" is one of the brightest stars in the sky. It is also a fixed star - so while all the other stars change positions basis Earth's rotation during the night, the North Star stays constant in the same place.

In olden times, it was used as a navigation guide for ships to keep them on course.

We all have personal or professional goals. For some of us, these goals may be health related. Simply put, some of you may be wanting to shed some pounds this year. And you set off on this journey.

All journey's have distractions. At times we fall off the wagon. The difference between those who get back on, and those who don't is how well they have defined their personal "North Star"

North Star here would mean your core purpose, the rational, the answer to why do you want to achieve this goal? What does achieving this goal mean to you? What will it do for you?

Marsala never went out of fashion in India

I never knew the color "wine" was called "marsala" in fancy terms. Kind of like how Maroon becomes Oxblood.

But for a change I love this purported color of 2015. Marsala. Better than the Orange & Orchid they've come up with earlier.

But to be honest I don't really know what happens with these pronouncements of "Color of the Year". I see a bit of furor at the beginning, but I didn't see any Orchid colored makeup or clothes in the store last year.

Marsala looks like a very "fall" color, which is probably why I like it so much. I do prefer deeper, darker tones of color and it helps that it goes so well with grey that has been completely dominating clothing for the last few months. I also tend to prefer it with a bit more red than brown in it.

This MAC Oval 3 brush is the Bomb!


They are important to a building & for your makeup as well. Without a well-matched, well-blended foundation base, even the most neutral brown eyeliner or the best red lipstick don't really look good. Get a good foundation in place though, and even boring neutral makeup looks fabulous.

I, like most girls, struggled for a while to get the right shade & right formula of foundation. For a while I even gave up and took to the world of single-shade-fits-all tinted moisturizers & BB creams. Until I saw these tooth-brush like makeup brushes from the MAC Masterclass range making the rounds on Temptalia & other blogs. They looked like some black tooth-brushes that we were to use for makeup!

MAC claims that these brushes were designed after studying how women apply makeup, and they found that the current painting like brushes work well for MUAs because they can get in really close up to the face they work on to perfect the skin. But when regular people use it, t…

I made "Washed Ghee" at home and it turned out great!

Yesterday I posted about the importance of fat in our diet. While doing research for the same I came across the recipe for "Washed Ghee" or Shata Dhaut Ghrita (100 times washed ghee).

After I read about this miracle at home cream, it was inevitable that I would try to create this cream myself. All I needed apparently was some cow ghee & water.

So I made it last evening. And here is how it went.

For those readers who haven't read the earlier post: Hundred times washed ghee is prepared from organic cow milk ghee by washing it in purified water, repeatedly, 100 times in a copper vessel, using a specific prescribed method while chanting some mantras

This procedure transforms the ghee into a soft, cooling, nourishing, silky unguent that is used as a traditional moisturizer and anti wrinkle skin cream. It produces radiant and glowing skin, especially for people with easily inflamed skin. It can be used as a daily face and body moisturizer or for facial massage. Apply it for…

Why 8 glasses of water won't hydrate your skin...

The beauty pundits say "Dewy skin is always in" but is dewy skin just a matter of glugging down the mandated 8 glasses of water followed by daily application of moisturizer?

It was a chance remark at the tailor's that got me thinking about the real reason for dry skin. I was collecting some clothes I got stitched a while back. My tailor is extremely fond of talking about my weight loss with her other clients. As usual she was discussing it with a client who was there at the same time as me. This other client was wondering why my skin did not display any signs of diet damage. In her experience, dieting always left her skin very dry & dull.

Before I could respond, my tailor quipped, "It's all the ghee & butter she eats!"

We all know that some fat is needed for building healthy skin, but I always assumed that most people are born with certain types of skin - oily, dry, combination - each with its own woes. Some lucky people have "normal" skin…