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Beauty Secrets from Myanmar

One of the great things about my job is that I get to travel quite a bit. About two months ago I was in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) for some office work. As a beauty blogger, it has almost become my second nature to explore cultures & countries for their unique beauty secrets. Myanmar did not disappoint at all! I would even dare to say that Myanmar women rival French gals in their ornate & extreme obsession with skincare, and it shows: They have lovely, creamy complexions & not a blemish in sight!

Women in Myanmar invest time & energy in maintaining their beauty rituals. They take a lot of care of themselves and are not shy to admit to it. They also love wearing makeup and dressing up - even if it just for office - and take pride in their local beauty secrets. Below are some things I learnt from them:

1. Tailored, well fitted clothes that accentuate the figure: Myanmar women wear their traditional dress quite proudly to work & official engagements. It is call…