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ATB BB Series 7: Beauty Benefits of Weight Loss

Any change requires some motivation to help us pull through the adjustment period of ill-ease. You have to overcome the initial inertia of letting things continue as they were. I had been ‘trying’ to lose weight since the last couple of years without success. Partly because the ‘methods (read: diets)’ I tried were wrong bio-chemically and also because results on those diets were so less and took so long that I invariably gave up.
Everyone has different drivers aka reasons for losing weight. At the most basic level it could be to be healthier & build greater endurance. For me, it was Fashion. I love reading about fashion, and though I’m hardly the fashionista myself, I do enjoy dressing up. Some things really catch my fancy (like colored denims) others I dislike a lot (peplum & boy-friend jeans, anyone?). I don’t mean to imply that fashion is the sole prerogative of those with a certain body type. As fashion bloggers will tell you, it is just a matter of fit. 
Anyone can carry o…

ATB BB Series 6: OMG! There is "Nothing" left to eat!

I can imagine a lot of you think like that after have gone through the previous posts. Grains & sugar have invaded our eating habits like sand invades your clothes at the beach. And we have gotten used to thinking that we cannot survive without this sand. Prehistoric men & women survived only on meat, fat & veggies for millions for years. Grains are a very recent addition to our diet.

From my own 4 & 1/2 month experience, I can tell you that there is plenty left to eat. Having said that, I do understand that not everyone may be convinced to give up grains, which is okay. Grains are quite addictive, and besides I leave it to your wisdom to decide what is best for you.

In its simplest form, when implementing this diet - just remove the grains & dals from your diet and replace it with bigger portions or a little more of the rest - meat, veggies, nuts, butter & cheese.


ATB BB Series 5: Why the diet works..

Before you commit to anything for a lifetime, it is important to know as much as possible. For two reasons - one you should know what you are getting into, and two you will be able to defend & commit to something only if you are truly convinced about it.

One of the biggest hurdles in this diet is getting used to eating butter, ghee, malai, oils, cheese, eggs, chicken with skin - all fats very liberally & freely. I have no issues now, but when I began this diet I used to feel very apprehensive. What if it backfired? 
But if your plan is to succeed, you will have to increase the fat content of your diet. And no, it will not cause your BP to rise or heart disease. The myth that eating Saturated Fat causes Heart Disease, is just that - A MYTH! It was a mistake by the scientists in the 80's who oversimplified cause & reasons. The real cause of diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol issues is high insulin, which is caused by high carbohydrate intake.
Although fat is the raw m…

ATB BB Series 4: Guidelines for starting the diet

Now that you know what to eat and what not to eat, you must be feeling excited to start the diet. Some of you may be feeling nervous. After all we have been taught since childhood that grains are good & fat is bad. Some of you may panic, "There is nothing left to eat!"

According to the Wheat Belly diet: 
Modern wheat is an opiate. Wheat is truly addictive.
Wheat is addictive in the sense that it comes to dominate thoughts and behaviors. Wheat is addictive in the sense that, if you don’t have any for several hours, you start to get nervous, foggy, tremulous, and start desperately seeking out another “hit” of crackers, bagels, or bread, even if it’s the few stale 3-month old crackers at the bottom of the box. 
But the “high” of wheat is not like the high of heroine, morphine, or Oxycontin. This opiate, while it binds to the opiate receptors of the brain, doesn’t make us high. It makes us hungry.
This is the effect exerted by gliadin, the protein in wheat that was inadverte…

ATB BB Series 3: The diet that finally worked...

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on the second post of the series. I can understand your sense of urgency regarding the diet & food plans. I too would have felt the same way if I were in your place.

I stumbled on this lifestyle, quite by accident. Although now it seems it couldn't have been a co-incidence.

Before I let you in about the diet (bear with me for a few minutes more), please note that this is not a short-term way of eating. If you want to lose weight & stay at that weight, effortlessly, you need to eat like this for the rest of your life. 

Yes, you read that right. For the rest of your life. This is not a short term magic formula. The diet works on restricting insulin production in your body, therefore carbohydate restriction. The moment you go back to eating regular roti - sabzi, you will be in deep trouble.

And this diet is best suited for non-vegetarians. There are not too many high quality protein sources that are also vegetarian, other than tofu or…

ATB BB Series 2: Why we get Fat

Thank you all for the heart warming response to the introductory post in the series.

Now whenever you talk to anyone you know for advice on weight loss, we’ll be instructed to exercise regularly, to diet, to eat less, as though the thought of doing so, the desire to do so, would never otherwise have crossed our minds.

Those of us who are overweight or obese will spend much of our lives trying to eat less, or at least eat not too much. We will struggle to avoid "fatty" foods. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail, but the fight goes on. For some, the battle begins in childhood. For others, it starts in college, while spending the first year away from home.

We are convinced we are fat because we are consuming more calories that we can burn. 

This way of thinking about our weight is so pervasive that it is virtually impossible nowadays not to believe it. Even if we have plenty of evidence to the contrary — no matter how much of our lives we’ve spent consciously trying to eat l…

15 kgs, 4 months.. Welcome to the ATB BB Series!

Yes, you read that right.. I lost 15 kgs in 4 months. You wanna know how? Read on...

2012 was the year when a lot of people took charge of their fitness routines. You can read some wonderful posts on fitness on Coralista, Indian vanity case & Wise she.

I was no exception. Only I didn't want to write about it until I experienced substantial change. Call me superstitious, but I definitely didn't want to "nazar lago" my weight loss. God knows, I have struggled through various solutions with no results. I started my diet in September of '12 and it has been roughly 4 months, and I have lost 15 kgs.

This is me before:

Colorbar Nail Paint Exclusive 56 - Review & NOTD

I love glitter nail paints. I love how they shine & shimmer. I love how they stay on for really long. And I also have a fascination for black based shimmer nail paints. So there is no way I could have walked away from the counter without this nail paint. I don't know why this is called "Exclusive" though, I'm not sure if this is LE.

Price: Rs 150 for 9 ml bottle.

What I liked:

1. This is based based golden shimmer nail paint. On the nails, the black forms a very light base, dark enough to accentuate the golden shimmer & light enough to get the shimmer take center stage.

 2. The formula itself is thin and therefore I find it easy to work with. I don't like polishes that are too thick as I always mess up the application. The first coat goes on sheer, but it is very build-able  I'm wearing three coats in the pictures + a clear top coat. The glitter is densely packed in the formula & you will get very good coverage in 2-3 coats without your nail feeling…

ATB Learning Curve: 10 beauty lessons I learnt in my twenties

Okay Girls, I turn thirty tomorrow (3rd Jan). And this is something I’m really looking forward to (NOT!).

No seriously, I am fine with it. It’s not like I have an option. Besides people say it is just a number (Whateva! If it is just a number, what’s wrong in being 24 forever?)

      1.Some colors are meant for when you get a bit older: I couldn't carry off red lipstick in all my twenties. I was finally able to look decent (read: not like a streetwalker) when I turned 29. Yes, last year was my year of red lipstick. I wore it everywhere – to office, to the market. Maybe my face needed to mature a bit. Maybe I just didn't have the confidence to carry it off. God knows.
      2. Don’t compare yourself: Sure, there’ll always be someone who is taller, duskier, leggier than you. It is tempting, and being women we are always constantly scanning & comparing ourselves to others. I remember being insanely jealous of this really pretty friend in college. She was gorgeous, intelligent an…

Happy New Year & A Quick Smoky Tutorial

Happy New Year!
I hope this year is all sorts of awesome for all of you!

Yesterday was quite a hectic day, I had to rush back from office, get ready & then step out again. So I did a very, very quick smoky eye. 
1. Get your face base in order. I just washed my face & applied a quick swipe of MAC Blot Powder