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ATB Beauty Awards Makeup of the Year 2012

This year has been a little slow in blogging. I was travelling quite a bit, dealt with the loss of some loved ones, as well as with the fact that as we grow older our friends seem to be drifting away as they get busy with their lives - careers & family. Sometimes the distance was physical, sometimes just a change in priorities. 
But I hope to be blogging a lot more in the coming year. And as always is the tradition here at ATB, here are my makeup products of the year 2012!


Medium to Heavy coverage: Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation: I’m sticking with Bourjois. I really feel they make the best formulas in foundations for drugstore brands, and they are gentle enough for daily use with no clogged pores but with the recent increase in rates, it is beginning to pinch. But I don’t have a drug store replacement to be honest. Most other brands are too yellow for me.  This one has plenty of bad reviews online. And I admit, it is a toughie to work with. But once you master it, it…

The world didn't end, but humanity did...

By Simran Parmar

What is wrong with the men of this nation? What is it that makes them feel so superior to their mother sister, wife or daughter? Why can’t they see a woman as she is supposed to be- a woman. What gives them the right to think they can treat her as a non-living object, meant to be treated worse than plague?
Nirbhaya- that was the name given to the young 23 year old woman by a leading newspaper who finally succumbed to the might of men. That name could not have been more ironical. It’s a joke. She was brave, no doubt, but not without fear. She was conceived not knowing if she would be given birth to. She grew up not knowing if she was going to be educated. She lived not knowing when she would be beheaded by her own brothers for ‘honour’. She lived not knowing when her parents would decide to get her married because surely she has no say in something as trivial as becoming someone’s wife. She did not know if she was going to be burnt for not bringing a car in marriage, or …

Doomsday? I think our society is already doomed...

.... if this is how we treat our women and kids, our society is already doomed to destruct & die. We don't need meteorite showers from outside.

I was in Goa, last week when I heard about the Delhi rape case. According to some statistics  at least 30 women get raped in India everyday. We read about it, shake our heads in disgust & move on. Everyday. A Spanish women got raped in Mumbai recently. Appropriate noises were made by those in power. And we move on.
The recent case stands out for absolute brutality meted out to the girl. It is a terrible event, and it doesn't even begin to make sense to me. I wish it had never happened. 
I don't understand how it didn't occur to even one out of those six men that what they were doing was wrong, that the girl also was a human being, just like them. Wasn't even one of them, "man" enough to stop the rest? 
In today's HT I read about a 3 year old girl child who was raped at her play-school. Three year old?…

My Swiss and Paris trip & Packing for it

This time last weekend, I was in Paris.

I was actually on a business trip to Switzerland, but I snuck some time out on the weekend to visit the Fashion Capital of the World - Paris. I had less than 36 hours in Paris, and it was too less to be honest. It is a beautiful city & deserves at least a week.

I was quite excited & apprehensive when packing for the trip, I'm one of those people who cannot stand cold weather at all (I can't stand summers either here in Mumbai. I guess I'm just difficult to please), but at the same time I didn't want to look out of place. Ki of Dressing Up for Life helped me quite a bit when packing warm clothes for the trip and so did Mehak's / Peaches & Blush post on her Europe trip (read it here) I thought I'd share my packing list here, in case any of you might be planning a trip to colder climates.