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Ben Nye Cream Blush in Coral - Review

It Claims: Nothing :) Just a innocent (at times, tacky) looking cream blush.

Ingredients: see Image below

Price: Rs. 300 for 14 gms of blush!

Shade reviewed: CR 7 - Coral

Available: at New Beauty Centre, Khar

Press Release: Burberry Introduces Body Mist

Introducing Body Mist to the Burberry Body fragrance range it is the lighter version of the iconic Burberry Body fragrance. It delicately scents skin and hair and is Alcohol free.
THE FRAGRANCE Top notes of fresh green absinthe, illuminating elegant peach and refined freesia
Floral bouquet of natural rose absolute and iris blends gently with subtle warm tones of sandalwood to form the heart notes
Woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, sensual amber and musk compose the base

Price: Rs 2650

Ponds TM availability across India

Girls, the people at Unilever were kind enough to respond to my post last week. They actually did a survey and found out stores (across all major metros & cities) that still have stock of Ponds TM, and have shared that list with me so that those of you wanna stock up, don't have to go hunting all over the city.

So, those of you wanna stock up on the TM at its normal, regular price of Rs. 215/- please head to the following stores! I think I'll go to the SV road one over the weekend :-)

Good luck to you all! I hope you all snag at least one each :)

And a big shout - out and thanks to the Unilever & Ponds Team! Thank you so much for doing this.

ATBBeauty Notes: Does your office have glass windows?

Because if it does, you need to not only wear sunscreen the entire day, but also re-apply it during lunch. You may not be tanning while in office, but your skin is still aging.

Paula Begoun in her book "The Original Beauty Bible" says:

UVB rays can’t get through glass, so there’s no risk of sunburn when you sit in a car or next to a window, but that’s the good news. The bad news is that UVA rays can get through windows. Normal glass doesn’t protect skin from UVA damage, so sitting in a car or next to a window that lets daylight through offers no UVA protection whatsoever.

You all know that UVA = Aging & UVB = Burning & Tanning.

Yami Gautam in Vicky Donor

Tell me you have seen this movie! You have, right?

Did I hear you say No?? Well, then go right away. This is one of those really good movies you shouldn't miss!

But this movie in no way is path - breaking for the way Yami Gautam does her make-up or dresses. Yes, she looks good & has good screen presence. But her makeup & clothes are very normal, very everyday. Maybe they meant it to be like that, she had to come across like a normal, girl-next-door who works at a bank. It flatters her, but it didn't make me whoop in joy - OMG! look at her lipstick!

How not to do bridal makeup - Kate Middleton Style

I know, this look is almost a year old. I saw a ad on BBC Entertainment while watching "Come Dine With Me" and was reminded that I wanted to do this post pretty soon after her wedding. But then she had just got married and everyone went nuts on how she did her own makeup & how brave & fab that was, I thought I would unleash my opinions a little later.

As usual, other things got my mind space.

But none the less, even if it is year old, there are valuable lessons to learn from this global event.

Lesson #1: It is not "brave" to be doing your own makeup on your wedding
It is a choice yes, but there is nothing brave to me about it. In fact I would call it down right silly. A wedding can be a very jittery time even for the calmest person. Do you really want to add the stress of creating your own look for that big day? Secondly wedding makeup involves techniques that ensure that it looks fab in pictures & the video as well. Something that might elude us lay pe…

Captain America V/s Thor

I know, I know... this is a beauty blog. But I just had to share these two very good looking men with you gals too!

I've been a bit busy last few days, so beauty blogging will resume shortly. But in the mean time I thought I'd give you some eye candy to feast on. :-)

I went for a screening of "Avengers" this Monday, simply because the movie had Thor aka Chris Hemsworth. I have had a massive crush on him since I saw the movie "Thor" - he looks like a Greek God (well, he does play a Norse God in the movie - very aptly cast).