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Taking a Break..

Hey Gals,

It is that time of the year again, when I take a break :-)

Posts will be slow over the next two weeks. There might be some, if the Muses decide to be benevolent.

I guess a lot of you will be busy too preparing for the festive season. Have a good time y'all!

Diwali Gifting Options - The Nature's Co

Diwali is round the corner and if you are wondering what to gift your loved ones, The Nature's Co. has the perfect option for you.  The Nature’s Co. your one stop shop for beauty and wellness products brings you special gifting options for your near and dear ones this Diwali, which can be completely personalized by you. 

Choose from an exciting range of exotic and luxurious beauty products at The Nature's Co. Customers making a minimum purchase of Rs.1,795, will receive abeautiful wooden basket to pack their products which comes along with a diya and incense cones with a holder to add to the Diwali spirit.

Clarins Diwali Gifting Options

Clarins, the hydration expert,launches two new champions: ClarinsMen Super Moisture Gel and Balm Calcium hyaluronate – a high performance ingredient used for the first time in men’s skin care. The hydrating effectiveness of hyaluronic acid- The renewing power of calcium, obtained by combining hyaluronic acid, a major skin component, and the cell-renewing mineral calcium ion, this high-tech molecule ensures dual benefits.
Price Details:Super Moisture Gel 50 ml   Rs.2000
Super Moisture Balm 50 ml  Rs.2000

2) CLARINS WHITE PLUS FOR WOMAN The first night cream with white flower extracts which controls, Hyper- pigmentation due to daytime UV rays,

Rejuvenate with Marks and Spencer

The range looks really cool! I'm yet to try anything though. Do you like anything?

Fish Pedicure can spread HIV & Hepatitis??

I read a rather disturbing article just a few minutes ago that claimed that Fish Pedicures can spread HIV & Hepatitis.

Though the risk is low for people with healthy immune systems, apparently those whose health is not upto mark may face greater risk.

I don't know if this is true, for all you know it may turn out to be some bogus news but I would suggest you keep hygiene in mind if you are opting for this until we figure out the real dope on this.

Read the original article here

Dermalogica Bridal Skincare Countdown

Getting married in six months or less? Here is simple bridal countdown from Dermalogica (click on the image to view it in a bigger & readable format). I'd say why only brides, I think all of us can always embark on a routine to make our skin healthier.

Happy Karvachauth - what's your plan?

Hey Gals!

Wish you all a very happy Karvachauth. I'm really excited this time as KC's on a weekend - I don't have to suffer in office all day while people around me eat.

Hubby is fasting as well, he always does it with me every year.

But I'm excited about today, I'm going shopping now to MAC

Do you like this?

As you can see, the blog has a new layout. It is more interactive & dynamic now. Let me know what you girls think.. Do you like it?

This layout gives YOU the chance to actually change the way you want to see the blog. You'll see in the bar on top - on extreme left there is a Tab that says Magazine - well that is default mode that I have chosen for the blog - but in case you would prefer to view the blog in another format - there is a drop down menu that pops down when you hover on that tab - so you can select your mode of view as per your choice.

As you can see none of the earlier gadgets (followers, blogroll) which were there on the right hand side are there. I'm a little undecided about them...

I miss them a little bit - I used to find them very useful, but blogger is yet to install that functionality in this layout. They promise to do so within a few weeks, but I want to know from you.. do you miss them as well?

Were you more comfortable & would prefer the older / …

Biotique Quince Seed Massage Cream - Review & Dupe for LE?

It claims:Quince Seed is one of the oldest cultivated herbs, rich in vitamins and minerals, and known for its moisture retaining and skin-renewing benefits.

This pampering and nourishing face massage cream is blended with quince seed oil, Vitamin E and special hydrating molecules to awaken the skin to new freshness, smoothness and youthful resilience. Particularly soothing to vulnerable skin areas: contours of eyes, nose and neck. The gel from the quince seed provides essential vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin. Contains Vitamin E along with other herbs. Especially good for mature skin in vulnerable areas. To use:
Smooth over cleansed face and neck, using gentle circular massage motions in an upward/outward direction for 5-10 minutes. Use daily or as needed.

Organically Pure & Preservative Free Dermatologist Tested for safety. No Animal Testing. This is not a cosmetic product. It has therapeutic properties.

Decades through Bollywood - 50s to 70s

Last week, for a change, I was attending a training as a participant (I am generally the facilitor / trainer, you see) and we were set an impromptu speaking activity. We were given 10 minutes to gather our thoughts & talk about any topic that we wanted for 15 - 20 minutes.

I initially decided to talk about the Decision Making Process, what makes decisions difficult etc. But then a couple of my colleagues convinced me to talk about something more zany (I suppose, since they had chosen topics like "The Metrosexual Man" & "Are Indians Hypocrites?"), so on the spot with 2 minutes remaining I decided to talk about Fashion in Bollywood through the decades.

I reproduce some of the point I spoke about. Please note that these my own observations & inferences, which may or may not be accurate. These are just my opinions.

Bollywood in 50's:

The Body Shop Diwali Celebration Offer

Places to Shop: New Beauty Centre (Khar)

The inspiration to do this came when I read a query on Wiseshe today morning. I thought I would share with you some places I haunt when looking for makeup & skin care products.
I have to start this series with New Beauty Centre in Khar.

Telephone: 022 - 26052947, 26052948, 26052949 
/Address: # 138, S V Road, Next To BMC Hospital, Opposite Khar Masjid, Khar West, Mumbai - 400050 Landmark: Opposite Rajasthan Restaurant (while we talking about this, this is a not a very nice place to eat. If you get hungry after shopping, cross over to Linking Road on the other side, it'll take you 10 mins by foot. It has much better places like McDonalds)
This was the place where I bought my first cream blush. It was NYX Red Cheeks. Fittingly that was also the first product I reviewed on this blog as well. This place has some very, very fond memories for me. I love the way this place smells - like a fresh lipstick - it's chemically but for an addict like …

ATB Beauty Notes: Cosmetic Selection Criteria in Sensitive Skin Patients

Got sensitive skin? The cosmetic formulation book I'm reading suggests you keep the following in mind when purchasing products: (my comments in italics)

1. Powder cosmetics should be selected: makes sense, as it reduces the shelf life of products and also inihibits contaimination by microbes. The whole mineral makeup line also uses mostly powder based products. I guess lesser the water / liquid, lesser the preservative content.

2. Cosmetics should be water removable:Oil based cosmetics need careful removal, or else it can leave behind traces on the skin which causes clogging of pores. It is the cleansing to blame, not the product.

3. Old cosmetics should be discarded: