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Back to Business :)

Hello Gals!
I'm back from my trip to Punjab. It was amazingly cold there, after a long time I had the opportunity to layer my trench coats & winter scarves - I enjoyed it tremendously. The food there was amazing - especially in my village where everything (Cauliflower & potatoes) had been harvested that morning to prepare our lunch. The curd was fresh & thick. The carrots were so red & so sweet - everything was organic & so yummy. The air was fresh, the water clean.

In fact I completely neglected my skin during this trip - no sunscreen, no day moisturiser, just this Neutrogena scrub & a dab of cold cream at night - my skin was glowing - no dryness, no acne - nothing. I had forgotten my foundation here in mumbai during the last minute packing frenzy - I was so worried - what would I wear for the wedding functions - But my skin behaved so well that I probably would have skipped it in any case.

But as soon as I was back in Mumbai - my skin began to react we…

Taking a short break & some shopping updates

Hello Gals!

I'm not gonna be posting very often for a week now - My cousin is getting married & I'm gonna be busy with that.

But just to share some info with you guys, I was out shopping today & Pantaloons (Lower Parel) is hosting some major discounts on cosmetics -

PS: Recounting from memory - I could be a little wrong in certain cases.

Faces - 20% off (I love their eyeliners & already have them in 4 colors (grey, metallic brown, regular brown & turquoise) , cheap at 250 (prediscount) - do try those)
Colorbar - 15% off
Lakme - BOGO offer on Lip artists pencils & 9 to 5 lipsticks
Maybelline - 15% off (I think, or is it 10% - not sure)
Revlon: Buy two lipsticks & get one free (the free ones are preselected 3 shades - one in frosty pink, light brown & deep maroon - I didn't like any - reminded me of old Lakme lipsticks - sorry Lakme)
L'Oreal: some 10-15% off plus they are giving away a pink bag on purchase of 1000 plus.

At Lifestyle:

Maybelline Chai Latte v/s Jordana eyeshadow singles

Nivedita had requested me to compare Jordana single eyeshadows with the Maybelline Chai Latte quad.
I think the following single colors from Jordana kind of correspond with the Maybelline Chai latte quad
Lid color = Jordana Café Latte Crease = Jordana sunset Outer Corner = Jordana Double Expresso Brow Bone = Jordana Crème De La Crème (it is slightly lighter)
Pigmentation: Definitely Jordana. I find the Maybelline quad very sheer & low on pigmentation. While that may suffice for a quad full of purples or greens eyeshadows, it doesn’t work for me when it is already neutral to begin with. I *have* to use a primer/base with Maybelline. Jordana doesn’t need one compulsorily – though it does last longer (read 9 hours) when used with a primer.
Performance: I don’t know if Maybelline creases, becauses it rarely lasts longer than 2-3 hours on my eyes. Jordana definitely wears longer – it stays on my eyes for upto 5-6 hours without creasing.
Formula: The Jordana eyeshadow is definitely smoother …

Lakmé Fruit Blast Strawberry Facewash - Review

What it claims: Strawberries are super fruits that not only contain Vitamin B and C, but also gently exfoliate and tone your skin, making your pores smaller and your face look brighter. This antioxidant rich fruit also lightens any pigmentation problems and leaves your skin smooth and youthful.

The sensory stimulating Lakmé Fruit Blast Strawberry Facewash is enriched with juicy strawberry extracts that deep clean every pore of your skin. Its ever-so-gentle micro-beads scrub away impurities. Leaving your skin refreshed, soft and delicately perfumed with the fragrance of strawberries. 
Price: Rs. 50 for 70 gm tube
Pros: 1.Doesn’t dry out my skin.  (This is being used in Mumbai’s “winter”)
2.The microbeads are very gentle on the skin
3.Smells nice – not very overwhelming but nice at the same time
4.It tends to feel cool on the skin – I really like this cooling sensation.
5.Priced decently.

Cons: 1.It doesn’t have enough beads to thoroughly exfoliate the entire face. In a drop you’ll get like…

How to wear Red Lipstick

Hello Gals! How’s the week coming around?
Posts will be a little slow this week & next as I prepare for my cousin’s wedding. While I have been getting my clothes in order for the events, I have also been mentally trying to line up the makeup I would wear with each, which I discovered is not such an easy task.
Since I mostly wear makeup to office – it tends to be quite routine – simple, neutral lipstick. Brown eye shadow paired with eyeliner. I tend to stay off dramatic shades like red lips or smoky eyes.
But dressing up since the past few days has made me realize that sometimes a bit of co-ordination between the makeup & your clothes can really help you shine! So here are some guidelines on Red Lipstick – which clothes to sport them with.
Please keep in mind that these are just my guidelines, please feel free to experiment & stick to your own gut feel when it comes to makeup.
Wear red lipstick when
1.You are wearing white/black clothes or even neutral shades like navy blue

Jordana Incolor Luxury Eyeshadow - Swatches

Here are some swatches of the Jordana Incolor Luxury Single Eyeshadows that I have. I had reviewed these earlier - you can read that review here.

Top Row: From Left to Right:  27 sunset - warm copper, pearl finish 03 storm watch - silver with white shimmer 29 toast - light beige, matt 07 creme de la creme - warm ivory shade, pearl effect - good for brow bone 33 double expresso - dark coffee brown, matt
Bottom Row, Left to Right:  30 cafe latte - light brown matt 26 mimosa - orange shade - pearlised effect 31 hot cocoa - walnut brown, pearl 32 mocha frost - taupy brown, pearl

Left to Right, above:  27 sunset - warm copper, pearl finish 03 storm watch - silver with white shimmer 29 toast - light camel beige, matt 

Above, from Left to Right 07 creme de la creme - warm ivory shade, pearl effect - good for brow bone 33 double expresso - dark coffee brown, matt

Above,  30 cafe latte - light brown matt 26 mimosa - orange shade - pearlised effect

Above, L to R:  31 hot cocoa - walnut brown, pearl 32 mocha frost - ta…

Yellow Eyeliner Anyone?

I read this really interesting post on the latest makeup trends of 2011. It seems makeup this year is going to get really bright! I like, I like..

For starters yellow/orange eyeliners seem to be the latest trend, as are fuchsia lips. I personally think yellow eyeliners aren't really new to a lot of us Indian who use a lot of gold in our traditional eye makeup in any case. So what we use is a metallic version of yellow - but yellow nonetheless.

Orange eyeliners I have seen in the past in Lokhandwala stores, they are said to look awesome against blue eye, but I can totally see brown eyed girls carrying it off with equal panache, perhaps a touch of bronze to it will make it more wearable for us Indians.

But I'm loving this new bright trend a lot. Seems like it is time to get Revlon Colorburst in Fuchsia :)

What do you think?

To read the post I am refering to go here

Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser - Review

What the Product Is: • An oil-free penetrating facial wash that cleanses deeply and thoroughly to improve your complexion
What the Product Does: • Provides thorough deep pore cleansing yet is gentle on the skin • Penetrates deep into pores to remove dirt, oil and make-up residue • Salicylic Acid exfoliates dead skin cells and improves skin tones and texture • Removes dead surface skin that can dry, dull and roughen your complexion • Non-comedogenic
How and When To Use It: Daily, or as needed massage gel onto moistened skin and rinse. Pat dry. For normal to oily skin types. If you experience dryness or irritation, use less frequently.
Price: 50 ml bottle 85 Rs. 200 ml pump bottle 320 Rs.
1.I got this free with purchase of Neutrogena sunscreen – I was expecting this to be very drying for my skin & didn’t use it for quite some time. But when I got a bad acne breakout (from the coconut oil) a few months ago I dug this out. I was pleasantly surprised when I used this – it not drying at all. I…

Jordana cream blush - review

What it Claims: Nothing

Price: Rs. 199 for a tub. I have Pink Cheeks (the bright red/pink one) & Tan (brown)
Where: New Beauty Centre (Khar)
1.A highly pigmented cream blush – it is total VFM, especially if you are new to Cream Blushes.
2. It has slighter harder consistency than NYX – meaning that you won’t end up picking excess product & neither is it likely to melt. 
3.Coz it is not so waxy, it does last long (3-4) hours on the face. Once set this doesn’t smudge at all.
Cons: 1.This is not as soft as NYX, therefore it is a little difficult to blend when compared.
2.Limited colors – only these 2 are available. (There was a 3rd one also, but if I remember correctly that was *ahem* purple – I was very tempted to get it just for the novelty sake)  3.

Lohri Mubarka!

Lohri di sab nu lakh lakh mubarka!

Wish you all a very Happy Lohri :)

I am really looking forward to munching on popcorn, peanuts, mulli (radish) parathas & lots of til gachak tonight..

Respect to the seasons and the natural elements of fire, wind, water and the earth is very important. Lohri is a festival dedicated to the end of the Winter season.

Lohri is traditionally associated with the harvest of the rabi crops.People take peanuts, rewri, flour, butter and various food items to places of religious worship to thank God for a good harvest.

Eyeliner doesn't show up? Try this..

We all get pretty colored eyesliners, that look simply super when swatched on the hand - but once at home, they just won't show up on your eyes! What as waste, right?

I make them work for me bu using them in the following ways:

1. I use them on my lower lash line area - which is much lighter than my lid most colors tend to show up well here. (P.S. This tip won't work if you have dark circles)

2. Use a white colored primer/base. Sometimes liners don't show up coz they have tones that match our skin too closely - try using them on top of a white base - that should help the colors pop.

3. Mix it up! Layer the light colored liner over a darker one for an interesting look. I have a liner in green - that is honestly too light to show up. What I do is apply it over a dark grey creamy eyeliner - the green while not very visible - makes the eyeliner appear a tad smokey green, plus the green shimmer really stands out against the grey. Ta Da - I have new color!

So what are your tr…

Neutrogena Fine Fairness Lotion SPF 30 PA ++ Review

What it claims: Fine Fairness Lotion SPF 30 provides long lasting hydration while reducing the appearance of melanin and uneven pigmentation. Infused with HealthyWhite™ Complex and light diffusing minerals, this daily whitening moisturiser delivers an even, translucent skin tone.
Price: Rs. 250 for 50 ml bottle
Pros: 1.SPF 30 protection (UV-B) & PA ++ (UV – A) protection in a lightweight lotion, this absorbs into my skin instantly and feels very light, I don’t break out in the beads of sweat that I experience with other sunscreens.
2.Highly moisturizing – I don’t feel the need for a moisturizer the entire day, it moisturizes for a good 9 to 10 hours.
3.It has light diffusing minerals (you’ll see the lotion glistening when you apply it) that act as a subtle illumination lotion for the skin giving it a very healthy glow , plus my makeup goes on smoothly on top – none of that irritating balling up that happens with some sunscreens.
4.The packaging is very sanitary – the lotion is dispen…

Gemma Arteton's look in Prince of Persia

To get Persia-nized, Gemma Arterton  spent hours (close to 3 hours everyday)  in the hair and makeup chair–an elaborate process, according to Arterton, whose hair was dyed jet black and lengthened with clip-in extensions. She also endured lengthy, meticulous henna tattoo applications and a head-to-toe fake tan achieved using a special face and body makeup by M.A.C. “The most tanned I’ve ever been in my life,” says the star of her Prince of Persia look. “When I watch the movie, I’m like ‘oh, God!’ Usually, I’m a very pale person.”
Ok, so while we don’t have to get tanned like her, her makeup in the movie, Prince of Persia, is still a nice, sultry look that one can attempt very easily.
PS: This is what I think can help you achieve the look, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them in the comments section.
Face: Just a simple tinted moisturizer would do, set with loose powder. Under eye concealor is a must for this look.  Also conceal all your acne spots.
Eyes: Ok, girl…

Purple Eyeliners - Swatches & Comparison

Yesterday HD of Bombay-Beauty asked me the difference between Colorbar's Prunella Eyeliner & Lakme's Glimmering Plum. I was about to swatch the two & put up a comparision post, & then I thought I would swatch all my purple eyeliners for you guys - so you can compare across brands.

From Top to Bottom: 
1. Bourjois Khol & Contour in #75 Prune Moderne 2. Colorbar I glide in Prunella 3. Jordana Glitterama in Purple Party 4. Maybelline Vivid & Smooth 5. Bourjois Smokey in 72 Dark purple 6. Lakme Glide on in Glimmering Plum 7. Jordana Color Extend Eyeliner in Luna Lavender 8. Lakme 9 to 5 eyeliner in purple

From Left to Right: 
1. Bourjois Khol & Contour in #75 Prune Moderne - a deep dark plum shade - matt
2. Colorbar I glide in Prunella - rich jewel amthetyst purple
3. Jordana Glitterama in Purple Party - lilac purple with silver shimmer
4. Maybelline Vivid & Smooth - plummy purple with shimmer
5. Bourjois Smokey 72 Dark Purple - dark purple matt
6. Lakme Glimmering Plu…