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Lakme Enrich Satin Lipsticks (Gypsy Collection) - Review

Richly pigmented lip color that feels like a drape of luxurious satin. Sunscreen, vitamins and olive extracts leave you with the softest, smoothest lips ever! Indulge in chilli reds, terra cottas, exotic sangrias and earthy rusts.
Price: Rs. 225 /- each

Review: The color selection is nice, the shades will suit most Indian skintones. I personally liked 129 (it's the peachy pink swatch right in the centre) & 664 the best of the lot. The other shades are nice too. Colorwise I like the selection, although it is very conservative and sticks mostly to terracotta shades. I didn't like the browns in this collection - but then I don't like brown lipsticks at all in any case.

Quality wise, these are just ok. They last only for 2 hours & fade away without any tint. They are also a little drying and if I don't use a lipbalm with this, I get chapped lips. The texture is creamy, while they glide easily on application - the overall …

Lakme Earth Rose Trio Blush - Review

What it claims: A palette of complementing earthy shades that are super easy to apply and perfectly buildable. The silky smooth highly pigmented formula allows for effortless, uniform application blending in easily for a gorgeous  glow. The three shades complement each other, to create endless options for defining, highlighting and accentuating features.

How to use: Use the lighter shades of Rose and Peach to highlight the apples of your cheek.Then use the brown shade in the hollow of your cheekbone to create the contours.

Price: Rs. 600/- (This is Limited Edition)

1. The colors are oh-so-pretty & just perfect for most Indian skin tones. The lighter brown-peach has a touch of shimmer to it, while the rose & brown are matt. The trio works perfectly, whether used in the manner given above, all 3 blended together or else even each color separately. I like using the rose & peach mixed together, it looks like a very pretty summer flush.

2. The blush is very fine milled, pigme…

Lakme Sheer Satin Lip Gloss - Review

What they claim: Drench your lips in molten shine, with this smooth, feather-light gloss for hours of dazzling, mirror-like shine. Infused with moisturizing vitamins so you can treat your lips to an ultra-comfortable, satin finish.
Price: Rs. 325/-
Pros: 1.These lipglosses are quite pigmented and thick, they last for a good 2-3 hours on my lips, even more if I use lip pencil as base.
2.All of them have nice, fine shimmer – doesn’t feel gritty, and are quite shiny! The gloss shimmer is never OTT.
3.I liked all the shades except 22 (a brown) & 51 (a lilac based pink). Number 11 is my favourite though :-)
4.They smell like bubblegum – these glosses are very heavily scented, so this is not like a light whiff. The pink bubblegum fragrance is intense & cannot be missed.
5. They are quite moisturising as well.
Cons: 1.While they have good lasting power – when they wear off, they don’t leave a tint behind.
2.The shades have no names – there is only a number at the bottom. I personally …

Bourjois Lilas D'Or #33 - Review

What the company claims:The baked texture transforms when applied to the skin into a light ultra-fine pressed powder, which is easy to apply and blends impeccably. One stroke of the brush reveals the irresistible aroma of rose scented powder.
The Little round pot blush exists in shades to match all skin tones. Its built-in mirror and brush is perfect for touch-ups.
Price: Rs. 575 for a pot
Where: New Beauty Centre, Khar
1.I bough this after reading Cynthia’s post – on how this is a very close dupe for NARS Orgasm. I have been reading so much online about this iconic NARS blush that a dupe in such an economical price was hard to resist
2.It is a beautiful shade (pink – peach with a touch of shimmer) and lights up my skin even when worn just by itself. I had got this just days before I contracted jaundice. While I was ill, I had become quite pale & had dark circles as well. Just to feel better, before I would go out to office, I would brush this on – I had little energy then & t…

Elle 18 Color Bombs in Mumbai - Where Are You?

I have been looking for the new Elle 18 Color Bombs Collection since it was launched, but I just can't find it anywhere. I must have asked in at least 5 - 6 stores in my area before I gave up. Has it even been launched here?

Have any of you in Mumbai been able to find this collection? I wonder if this is an issue only in my area..

Lakme Silk Route Quartet - Review

This is the second eyeshadow quartet in Lakme's Gypsy Collection - it is called Silk Route. Quality wise it is pretty much the same as Tanjore Rush. You can read my review of that here.
Color selection wise, this has two highly wearable day time shades - a peachy pink & a golden brown. Unlike Tanjore Rush colors - these two are passable for office, if applied with a light hand. The light pink peach color even works well as a highlighter for me for night time events.
I don't like the "too" bright magenta color it has. I am just not a fan of such bright shades.

But I absolutely adore that deep steel grey, gun metal eyeshadow! It is very pigmented, intense & excellent for doing a grey smokey eye. This is my favourite eyeshadow amongst both the quartets.
In all this is a good quad for those looking for slightly more subtle shades (barring that pink), and that steel grey is just awesome. I think Lakme should look at introducing this as a single eyeshadow. I am pret…

3 Perfections Tag!

Anju from Indianmakeupways tagged me to do this post on what I think are my imperfections & perfections.
3 imperfections   1.My hair: I wish they were more healthy & had more volume. Hairfall has been an eternal problem. They are rather like a problem child – the hair itself is dry but my scalp gets oily within a day of washing – even when I skip conditioner. Plus it never stays in place, I always look like a cyclone just spit me out. I am trying out a home made Reetha – Amla – Shikakai treatment now. Hopefully it will work out.
2.My high forehead: I have a big forehead, some people say it is sign of intelligence & luck, but I find it too big – I wish I could get some bangs to cover them, but thanks to the fact that my hair is scanty especially in the front it is a bit of a problem – or maybe my hair stylist is not that good. :-P
3.My forever dry lips: I cannot go without lip balm for even an hour – my lips will start to chap & as we all know that is horrendous. You can…

Lakme Tanjore Rush Quartet - Review

What Lakme claims: Versatile quartets of vivid, high intensity powders put together to color, shape and highlight your eyes in an explosion of radiant color

Discover two new sparkling sets, Silk Route and Tanjore Rush, that’ll fire your creativity

Price: Rs. 425/-
1. Really pigmented shades. The swatches below are without base/primer.
2. Although the quad is not co-ordinated, all 4 colors are very pretty shades individually. I really liked them all, they are perfect for wearing to parties & wedding functions. I think they should suit all skin tones.
3. They stay on for about 2 hours after which they begin to fade little by little.
1. They are a little difficult to blend, their texture is a little different from other eyeshadows that I have which are a little more powdery & silky. These are more densly packed in texture than a powder. They tend to adhere onto the skin.
2. All shimmery shades - in my case this palette is not going to used very often, with the excep…

Reetha, Amla & Shikakai Home Made Shampoo - Weekend Experiment

Good Morning Lovelies, I hope your weekend was fun. Mines was, well, ho-hum, but anyways, we are not talking about that here (let’s save that cribbing for twitter).
I have been suffering from quite a bit of hair fall since some time. I have tried changing products to using intensive conditioning and the works. It stops the hair fall for while, but then it rears its ugly head again.
So on lark, & for lack of better things to do, my best friend & I decided to make some Reetha – Amla – Shikakai shampoo at home. This century old ayurvedic herbal concoction is reputed to not only strengthen hair, but also darken it and stop hair fall.
I got the 3 biggies from a local kirana store. All 3 are priced at 15 Rs for 100gms.

How to: Soak 5 pieces of Shikakai, 4 balls of Reetha  (Soapnut) & handful of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)  in about 500 ml of water overnight. In the morning, heat the mixture on gas till it just starts to boil. Let it cool, when lukewarm mash all the amla, reetha and…

Reader Query: Tinted Lip Balms & Tinted Moisturisers.

Mary wants to know... Tanveer! Please suggest nice tinted lip balms & tinted moisturizers available in India!
Hi Mary!
These are the ones I know of, I have highlighted my favourites.
1.Nivea Lip Balms – priced around Rs. 129/- 2.Revlon Beyond Natural Lip Tints – Rs. 500/- (I have this in Deep Berry, this is a like a lip balm but the tint is intense and long lasting. A bit pricy though, they have 4-5 shades) 3.MAC Lip Tints: Rs. 800 – 900/- 4.Maybelline has launched some new lip tints – Smooth & Care – they cost some 200 bucks 5.Jordana Incolor Juicy lip tints (available only in Mumbai) 6.VOV cosmetics has tinted lip balms too (available at Khar beauty Center – these are highly pigmented and cost some 200-300 bucks) 7.Streetwear also has some tinted lipbalms. Can’t remember their names now. 8.Vaseline recently launched Rosy Lips – lip balm with a tint. I think it costs 99/- 9. The Body Shop also has some Delipscious Sheer Lip Tints
Tinted Moisturizers
1.Ponds Age Miracle Tinted Moisturize…

Reader Query: Nude Lips, Dewy Makeup & Hair problems!

Hi Tanveer,
I have the following queries. (Skin tone - Dusky (Very close to the lid color in Chai latte), Skin Type - Very Oily, Hair Type - Oily, but frizzy after oiling and shampooing)
1. My lips are dark. Upper lip dark brown and the lower lighter shade of pinkish brown. Please suggest brands and shades for nude lips. I wish to experiment with peach, orange and coral shades.
2. The right make up products for a fresh, natural dewy look e.g.: foundation or tinted moisturizer, blush, eye shadows etc. I do not have much blemishes.
3. I oil my hair before shampooing (Use an ayurvedic oil) but my hair gets extremely dry and frizzy and tangles. This is even worse in dry conditions (I am in Bangalore). I used Livon in college to tame my hair but lost a lot of hair in the long run. Many of my friends had the same experience. Please suggest a remedy. Do you think leave-in conditioners can cause hair fall ???
Looking forward to ur suggestions :D
Hi Deepa,
Thanks for reading the blog :)

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) in skincare products

A study in ScienceDaily has proven that SLS when used on the skin thins this protective barrier, making the skin more susceptible to irritation by chemicals.

SLS is a detergent used to mix oils into water-based moisturisation creams to give a nice creamy texture. It's also used widely in shower gels, shampoos and other cosmetics.

One more reason to read the ingredient lists carefully before purchasing and using simple homemade remedies as far as possible.

Elle 18 Color Bombs

Elle 18 is back with a bang in an all-new avatar Color Bombs. This exciting and funky range of color cosmetics  has been designed for young trendy girls. The range designed in cool shapes has explosively vibrant colors for lips, nails and eyes. The products are packed with the goodness of Cocoa butter, Jojoba Oil, Rose Water and Almonds.  These super cute ‘patakas’ are sure to pack your day with explosive excitement!
Color Bombs by Elle 18:

NAIL POPS Funky nail colors in 48 explosive shades Rs.45 only
COLOR BURST A blast of color with the punch of cocoa.Available in 25 trendy shades, the intense moisturizing core protects your lips Rs. 100 only
LIP SMOOTHIE Lip Gloss in delicious fruit flavours and pumped with cocoa butter.In 6 delicious shades Rs. 85 only
KAJAL With a rich and lustrous black color the Kajal has almond oil Rs. 65 only
EYE SPARKLERS Versatile eye crayons with awesomeness of almonds, in 5 flattering shades Rs. 85 only
BLACK OUT! LINER Jet black and water-resistant eyeliner juiced-up wi…

The Body Shop Hemp Body Butter - Review

Best if you want to: Repair dry skin using an ultra-rich, herbal-scented cream that moisturizes and conditions for up to 24 hours.

Best for:dry to extremely dry skin

How it works:
Hemp seed oil has an unusually high concentration of essential fatty acids to repair skin’s moisture barrier, so it is smooth and supple. Community Trade shea butter and organic babassu oil (Organic Babassu oil - nature's best - is a wonderfully light and non-greasy skin moisturizer extracted from the wild-growing babassu palm trees only found in certain areas of Brazil and South America) moisturize and soften skin. Community Trade cocoa butter is an excellent moisturizer that melts at body temperature, leaving skin soft and silky smooth.Ingredents: Water (Solvent/Diluent), Hemp Seed Oil (Emollient), Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter) (Emollient), Cyclopentasiloxane (Emollient), Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Butter (Emollient), Glycerin (Humectant), Orbignya Oleifera (Babassu) Oil (Emollient), Glyceryl Stearate (…

Lush Dark Angels - Review

You must be wondering, what is this dry skinned gal doing with a cleanser meant for oily skin – recipe for disaster?
Well my hubby really liked this at the store (he has very oily skin) and I could not resist using this once back home. I used to have very oily skin during my teens & was plagued by acne. The pimples have gone, and skin has dried thanks to my A/c lifestyle but I still get black & whiteheads.
What it claims: Deep dark cleansing facial scrub for young, dark and oily skin. A lovely, black, squidgy scrub made with charcoal to absorb oils and exfoliate your skin. Nutritious avocado oil softens your skin, glycerine keeps the moisture in and black sugar softly scrubs; rhassoul mud is anti-microbial and cleanses deeply, while sandalwood and rosewood essential oils are soothing, giving you a feeling of smooth, clean freshness that is difficult to beat.
Ingredients: Rhassoul Mud, Cold Pressed Avocado Oil (Persea gratissima), Glycerine, Powdered Charcoal, Black Sugar (sucro…

Big Makeup Brands on a Budget

If you are more of a budget person, but like me are still tempted by big brands like MUFE & Inglot to name a few, life can get difficult. The various gushing reviews by other bloggers tease and threaten to break your last resolve as well as your bank balance.
Here are some tips that I keep in mind when trying out expensive stuff.
1.Don’t buy immediately: Try out the products on yourself for at least an hour before you invest. Check yourself out in different lights and observe how your skin reacts to it. If possible, try out the products at the store, come back & google for reviews. It will give you an idea of how the product actually performs. And no, the SA won’t think you are a cheapo if you try out stuff & don’t get anything.
2.Get something that you can't find elsewhere: There is no point getting another clear lipgloss or black eyeliner. Look for unique shades like that perfect red, textures like gels or liquids or things like foundation & concealors that are har…

Reader Queries: FAQ on Acne, Scars, Ingrown Hairs & Dark Circles

It's been two years since I began writing this blog. It has been a great experience and I have got the opportunity to interact with some of my readers. A lot of the queries that I get from the readers seem to center around acne, tanned skin & scars, ingrown hairs and dark circles.

These 4 together seem to the bane of the modern Indian woman. Below is my take on each of these:

Q 1. I have terrible acne, please help!
Ans: If your acne is like one – two pimples on your entire face, like once a month; then try using a paste of chandan (sandalwood) mixed with honey dabbed over the spot overnight. You could also make a toner of lemon juice in rose water and apply that over the skin to reduce oiliness & prevent further acne.
But if your acne is more than 2 pimples, covers a large area of your face/back or is leaving behind scars – please go visit a dermatologist to get treatment.
Acne that is persistent & chronic, when ignored or left untreated will not only result in scars, …