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Shimmer, Shimmer Everywhere

Image via Wikipedia This is a rant post. About shimmer.

I am sick of it. It is everywhere. In translucent powders, in loose powders, in eyeshadows, in blushes, in lipsticks.. *Sigh*

What is a matt girl to do?

I live a relatively boring life. Monday to Friday I spend in office. & I rarely party over the weekend as I am so tried from the week's hectic scehdule..

So I wear most of my make-up to office. where I need to look professional. Not like a glitter doll.

But shimmer/sparkle is the rage it seems. Got shimmer, throw it in.

It all started when I went shopping with my friend for loose face powder. To my horror a lot of them had golden/silver shimmer particles in it. This includes brands like Revlon, Street wear et al.

Has any cosmetic chemist comprehended that a face covered in shimmery powder might look like a disco ball?

A few days later I was looking for dark brown/taupe & dark grey (steel grey) eyeshadow in matt. Same luck. All I found was shimmer, in all eyeshadows. …

Fairness and the Indian Woman

Image via Wikipedia Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?

Even Snow White and the Evil Witch were plagued, it seems, by the same obsession as Indian Women, to be the fairest of them all.

While the story is silent on what Snow White used to be, white; desi bloggers are all up in arms about this issue. Every blogger worth her post has her views online.

For a long time I refrained from this clichéd topic, but a recent comment from fellow blogger Divija got me thinking. And here are my two cents

1. Societal pressure to be fair is wrong. Just like the pressure to be a certain size, to look/dress a certain way, or behave a certain way is wrong. We all should have the right to be happy in the skin we are in, in more ways than one.

2. However if an individual chooses/feels/thinks that being fairer is going to make her/him happier, we are no one to sit in judgment of these people. It is a personal choice. We don’t seem to condone people who get surgeries/botox to look young…

Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick

What it claims: Lakme presents luminous, creamy lipcolor that lasts right through the day. New 9 to 5 Lipcolor, with a breakthrough Colorfix formula developed in Italy, combines amazing comfort with staying power that keeps your lips looking fresh for hours.

Application Tips
Apply your lipstick by starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to the outer edges of your lips, following the contours of your mouth. For long-lasting lipcolor with no smudges, wait a few seconds before pressing your lips I tried the Mocha color which beige in color Pros: 1.Moisturizing 2.Does not feather 3.Wide range of matt shades available (I am not very fond of sparkly/shimmery lipsticks), great for office wear. Cons: 1.Absolute rip-off on the 9 to 5 promise. This hardly lasts for 2 hours. In fact I would say its performance is no better than Lakme’s Enrich line of lipsticks that d

Bioglow Deep Nourishing Moisturizing Cream with Royal Jelly and Lavender Extracts - A Review

I chanced upon this moisturizer on my regular trip to Afla (Irla – Vile Parle (W)). I asked the attendant for cold cream. He showed me this. I was tempted, 500ml for 100Rs. How bad could it be. I purchased it.
I bought the Lavender & Royal Jelly Version.

Read on for what happened next.

What the company claimed: 

Bioglow Deep Nourishing Moisturizing Cream with Royal Jelly Lavender Extracts:
Royal Jelly extract is considered an energy tonic and it's principle nutrient is Pantothenic acid also known as Vitamin B5. Bio-Glow Lavender extract is known to enhance skin texture and promote healing of damaged skin cells. Deep nourishing moisturizing cream is specially formulated to help relieve skin fatigue, increase skin strength and hence increase skin resistance to skin cells damage. Massage bioglow deep nourishing moisturizing cream generously to treat damaged or very hard and parched skin especially on the feet, heels, hands and elbows.
• Non-greasy / Instantly absorbed
• Neutral Ph

Blogging on Beauty

This is not a review on any product or related to any skin care tips. This post is about blogging. Beauty blogging.

A lot of my dear friends & readers are themselves fellow bloggers. And a lot of times when I write a review I get comments that they too feel the same way and/or were just about to blog on the same product.

Here is my take on it: Go Ahead! Write your review! Even if your experience was exactly identical!

This accomplishes 2 things:

1. First of all, it gives our readers more opinions, more views so they can make up their mind more effectively. I mean I would make up my mind to love or hate a product upon one review.. but if I had a number of different opinions I would.

2. This also lends our blogs more consumer-power. If a product is really bad and gets trashed on 2, 3, 4 different blogs, the manufactures (whose product managers I hope are actively reviewing the net to know the word – of – mouth) will have to sit up & take notice. Improve or move out. I think we…

Vichy India - Upto 40% off Sale

For those of who use or wanna try Vichy products, here is a great news. They are having a sale of upto 40% off on certain products.
I don’t know if this offer is available at retail stores but it can be availed on ordering through their site
They are also offering free shipping on the products
Offer is valid till stocks last & all packs are 40 ml in size.
1.Aqualia Thermal: Rs. 750/-  (For the 1st time, Vichy Thermal Spa Water and intense hydrating Activ HyaluronineTM/MC are encapsulated to improve their diffusion on the Epidermis. The skin feels replenished with water, as if hydrated by misting microsprays.)

2.Normaderm: Rs. 650/- (Treatment Anti-imperfection Hydrating Care (Day)

3.Neovadiol GF: Rs. 990/- (NeOvadiol Intensive Densifying Care (DAY) Pro-Xylane, a new densifying molecule "winner of the 2007 Marie-Claire AWARD", reinforces the Soya Phyto Complex to redensify the skin. Isobioline helps to rebuild skin's su…

Lakme Peach Milk Moisturiser - Review

I take on another favourite, popular moisturiser today - Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer.
It claims: Formulated with natural peach extracts, Lakme Peach Milk Moisturiser leaves your skin radiantly soft. Natural peach extract contains Vitamins and Pectin which tone and hydrate skin, giving it a natural glow. AHA's and Antioxidants (Vitamin C and E) work to condition and rejuvenate your skin.
Key Ingredients:Tocopheryl Acetate (Vit. E Acetate), Tocopherol (Vit. E), Peach (Prunus Persica) Extract.”

Rumour - Fact or False!!

OK Girls, I need your help! The other day while browsing the net I came across this site that claimed that Lakme Ginger surprise powder blush is very similar to NARS Orgasm (read it here)

I have never tried NARS, coz it ain't available here in India... but have read major raves & reviews about it.. If there is anyone out there who can corroborate this - rumour or fact, please let me know!!

Thanks All!

Update: As it turns out Lakme is the not the dupe. Wait continues.

Nivea Creme in Blue Tin - review

Nivea Cream (the blue tin one) – the review
Ok, brace yourself. We are entering holy territory here. Just to give you a background on how holy this is consider the following:
Nivea cream is the world’s first stable water-in-oil cream. The emulsifying agent is Eucerit is made from lanolin, found in sheep's wool, and is the key to NIVEA Creme's unique properties.
Prior to the introduction of NIVEA Creme, skin creams were primarily sold to upper-class women.  NIVEA was the first mass market skincare product. ·Every second, a pot of NIVEA Creme is sold somewhere in the world.

Over 98% of the ingredients within NIVEA Creme are natural.
Ok, so now we know that Nivea cream in a blue tin has been a pioneer of its times. In more ways than one.
It does not claim to do anything fancy like reduce fine lines or brighten your skin, but it does lay claim to be a moisturizer. Here’s my experience: 

Ingredients: Water, Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Glycerin, Microcrystalline Wax, Lanolin Alcohol, Paraff…

Lakme Strawberry Creme - Review

Lakme Strawberry Creme
What it claims: A rich soft cream that pampers the skin with the luscious fragrance of fresh strawberries leaving it soft and delicately perfumed for hours A combination of real strawberry extracts and active moisture balance ensure the optimal level of moisture for your skin. It is fortified with UV filters to protect against skin damaging elements
Offers visibly soft, fragrant skin that glows with health.
Ingriedents:Glycerine, Dimethicone
Pros: 1. Smells heavenly. If you, like me, are a fan of all things strawberry, this crème is going to intoxicate you with its smell 2. Non-greasy, non-oily feel though it does leave a feeling that something is sitting on your face. Kind of coats your skin 3. Very good for removing make-up (I just recently discovered this)
Cons: 1. Does not seem to moisturize from within. It left a smooth film on my face, but my skin never felt soft or nourished. As a result for the period of one month that I used it, if I would forget to apply it, I wo…

Moisturisers Review Coming Up Soon!

Winter is almost upon us, bringing moisturizers back in fashion in dear old muggy Mumbai. Generally Mumbai humidity is very forgiving, so you can get away without using any lotion. But a winter changes everything, and I have had to pull out my stock of lotions.  So I thought I would do a series of posts on moisturizers.
In the past I have reviewed
Biotique Morning Nectar
Biotique Wheat germ cream
Lotus 24 hr strawberry moisturizer
Forest Essentials Lotion

In the coming few days I am going to review the following (not necessarily in the order listed though):
Nivea blue tin crème
Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer
Lakme strawberry crème
Bio Glow range of moisturizers

I Hit Pan !!!!

One of my favourite bloggers Ashwini who writes a wonderful  blog tagged me to write a post on "I hit Pan" that is list 6 items that I have hit pan on, and have or plan to repurchase. This can be makeup, skincare, haircare, bodycare or scent.

So here it goes:

1. Nivea Lip Balm in strawberry: I love its scent, the moisturisation is perfect and is not too shiney, and the tint is so pretty. Just a swipe and you look so much better - even with a naked face

2. Lakme Glide on Eye color in Glimmering Plum: I adore eyeliners, I further adore eyeliners that are purple. This is a favourite and I love the color pay-off. Besides it stays on & won't smudge.

3. Ponds Age Miracle Tinted Foundation: It has moisturiser, a sunscreen with spf 15 & is tinted. What more could a rushed girl in the morning ask for?

4. Maybelline Define a Lash Mascara: This is my best-est ever day time, wear to office mascara.

5. Parachute Coconut oil: This may sound out of place here, but, but, but, I love…

Home Made Coconut Scrub & Lotion

The weekend is here!!! (all hands in the air!)... & I want to share with you all a coconut scrub & lotion I made last weekend for my arms & legs.

It's really easy-peasy!

You need: 

Half cup coconut oil (I used parachute, I could not find virgin coconut oil anywhere in Mumbai)
Quarter cup white sugar
Half a lemon's juice.

How - to: 

Mix all three. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Use as per need.  This can kept in a closed container for upto a month without refrigeration. Use an absolutely dry container & avoid dipping wet fingers/scoops to prevent spoilage.

If you only want moisturisation, take a few drops of the oil only & rub all over hands & feet & where ever else you like.

If you want exfoliation & moisturisation: scoop out some sugar and oil and rub gently for about 20 minutes. Wash off with gentle soap & water. This is a little messy so be prepared with towels


1. If you want intense moisturisation & no exfoliation, replace sugar with…

Khadi Sandalwood Soap

Those of you who stay in India must be very well acquianted with the Khadi range of skincare products.

For those who are not here is a brief overview:
The Khadi Village Industries Commission (Govt. Of India) named as 'Gramodaya Ashram' was established in 1963. They are engaged in manufacturing of Khadi fabrics (yea, the same one that Gandhiji spun) as well as herbal items. The items they prepare are handmade by villagers who are trained by the commission. This helps them have an alternate source of income other than labor in the field.

Ok, so now that you all know about Khadi, lets move to the review of their Sandalwoodsoap.

What the company says: Sandalwood is a must for dry skin, chapped skin and has been in use in India for centuries for its immense healing properties. Its cooling, calming and antiseptic properties soothe problem skin leaving it moisturized and free of infections. The long lasting, cool and woody fragrance of Sandalwood is difficult to define but has alway…

Lakme Just Kissed Cheek & Lip Tint - Review Update

Some of you may have read my earlier post where I completely dissed out Lakme Just Kissed Cheek & Lip Tint.

The other day I was going through the contents of my make-up bag when I perchance came upon this. I felt so disappointed since I had very high hopes from this product when I had bought it. Only to get very splotchy results.
On a lark I decided to give this another shot. And this time around I did not follow the given instructions of “dab in spots over cheek  and gently rub in”. Instead I took a tiny, small drop directly on the tip of my index finger, and rubbed it into my cheek apple.
And Wham, there it was the subtle, natural, rosy, pinkish glow on the cheek that Lakme had been advertising. I tried it on the other cheek to get the same results. This was on Saturday. Since then I have been using this gel with this technique every single day to get the same results.
Which makes this again “The best Blush I have ever tried!”
The problem I think is that this gel sinks in just to…

Make Up - How to be Guy-Hot & Girl-Hot

The previous post has shown us scientifically that make-up does attract other people. It has also proven that eye-make has the most profound attraction effect on men, followed by foundation (clear, bright skin) while lipstick had little to no effect. 
So now that we know what attracts whom, here is a quick how to up your look a few nervy notches when you’re out with gal pals or add the right sultry effects for a sensuous night with your guy.
1. Lips: 
Guy hot!
Matte lipcolours that blend in—pinky beiges, nudes, light pinks Try: Nivea Lip Balms for that light tint of color

Girl hot!
Glossy lipcolours that stand out— think bright red, purples, dark browns, corals.

We girls think of fun lipstick colours like shoes: we get tired of wearing the same basics shades all the time. Let's face it, I have a ton of lipsticks and am sure most of you too do . On the other hand, A guy takes one look at bold shades/gloss/shimmer/sparkles and thinks, ‘Is that going to kiss off on me?’ That’s why h…

Make Up & Men

As women, we tend to generally dress for 3 categories of people:

1. Ourselves
2. Men
3. Other Women

Though not necessarily in that order. So how successful is make-up in attracting men?

French psychologist Nicolas Gueguen  has found empirical evidence that men — at least on an unconscious level — are more attracted to painted ladies.

Gueguen recruited two women in their early twenties to go to bars for sixty sessions on twenty nights, and sit at a free table near where they were highly visible. The women either wore makeup or not — and when they did, they applied to it to their eyes, cheeks, and lips. Observing the women were members of Gueguen’s research team, who counted the number of men that approached the girls and the minutes lapsed before and between approaches.

The results? Although men approached the women in every session, the come-ons were more frequent when women wore makeup. It took less time for men to make a pass at the women (an average of 17 min vs. 23 min), and more …

Biotique Dandelion Face Vitaliser - Review

I had got this as a free gift with my haul of other Biotique products. I have used it for about a year now. Here is the lowdown: 

What the company says: A Face Vitaliser for Youthful Complexion. A rare combination of naturally occurring nutrients. Rich in Vitamin E and minerals like Iron, Phosphorus, Iodine, Potash and Sulphur. Also contains Nutmeg Oil that helps to stimulate the skin and ease wrinkles. Regular use ensures a youthful complexion. Useful for all types of skin.


Cydonia Oblonga Gel (Bihidana Luvab) 10% : Quince is a small tree found in the Caucasus region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Quince is characterized by soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It also regulates the natural moisture content of the skin. High in mucilage, the outer coating of the seed is soothing, protective and helps hydrate the skin.Lepidum Sativum Gel (Halo Luvab) 1.5% : The botanical name of candrasura is Lepiduum sativum, and it belongs to family Cruciferae. The seeds…