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Advertising of Beauty Products in India

I was browsing the net yesterday when I came across this document that tabulated the false claims in advertising between the months of April to September 2008 by the Consumer Court in India.

As I scrolled through the document I  was shocked to read how our Indian beauty industry was making unsubstantiated claims. Just within that one document there were 6 complaints.

Below are some of the products & the complaints against them: 

1. VLCC Shape Up Anti-Cellulite Gel & Oil
Claim: “Reduces flab & firms skin. Beautiful arms & legs in just 14 days”,needs to be substantiated with details of tests/trials reports from an independent recognised testing institution.

Verdict: Claim not substantiated. Ad campaign concluded in July 08.

2. Olay Total Effects
Claim, “India’s best Anti-Ageing Cream”, is completely unsubstantiated and unqualified and is a mere attempt to mislead the consumers.

Weather & Skin Care

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Dear Readers,
Thank you all for reading my blog while I was away on leave & your lovely comments. I hope you had a good Diwali!
I had a lovely vacation and I enjoyed it more than I thought.
My week long stay there was a very cruel reminder of the big role Mumbai’s humid weather plays in keeping my skin healthy & moist & my hair looking crappy.
Winter has already begun to set in the northern part of our country. The cold, dry, almost arid wind there blistered my skin in two days that I spent traveling in an open air jeep during a jungle safari. My cheek & under eye skin was so dry it was painful & flaking away.
My lotions were useless and would sting when applied. Thicker creams were unable to penetrate the top dry, dead layer and would just form a mask & sit on my face.  The skin doctor told me I had got windburn which in turn had caused Xerosis & advised me to use Aloe Vera gel, but it just made things worse.
Finally good old coconut oil

Be Right Back..

Image via Wikipedia Dear Readers,

I am heading off for a well deserved Diwali vacation for about 10 days. So there will be no new posts during this period.

But I shall be back after 10 days with a whole lot of posts on beauty, make-up & skin care.. So stay posted & keep your comments coming in as always!!

But before I leave here is a quick Diwali look that will go with all your clothes

1. Apply foundation on face (I use Ponds Tinted Moisturiser)

2. Use a brown eye shadow pallette to create a neutral look for the eyes. (Maybelline's Chai Latte: this has lovely light brown for the lid, a sparkly bronze for the crease, a nude with silver specs for highlighting & dark chocolate brown for creating a smokey look - this eye shadow look goes with all bright colored clothes)

3. Use a blush (I use Maybelline Peach Satin)

4. Mascara (Maybelline Define a Lash works for me)

5. Finish off with a swipe of Nivea Cherry lip balm or any berry tinted lipstick/gloss

Wish you all a very hap…

make up & zodiac signs - Pisces

As a Pisces, you spend much time staring off into space, daydreaming of love and happiness. It's not necessarily all lace and butterflies, though, Pisces (though you probably had a hard time resisting those fluttery butterfly hairclips, right?). There's more to this moony and Mutable Water Sign than daydreams.

Just because you're so flexible and chameleon-like, so fluid and wistful, does NOT mean you're wishy-washy -- leave that to Libra! Within each Pisces, there lies a resolute optimism, a nearly psychic intuition and a fertile imagination that allows you to appreciate the mysteries of life.

When it comes to physical beauty, you are unconventional, a risk-taker motivated by subconscious visions and ethereal longings. Not one to follow trends, you strike out on your own in defense of your independent spirit. You loathe conformity, but despite your rebellion, people can't help but be attracted to you!

When you decide to pamper yourself, pedicures are definitely in …

make up & zodiac signs - Aquarius

As an Aquarius, you are a gorgeous vision of shimmering awkwardness, a lovely mess of high self-respect but occasional insecurity, a brilliant innovator with a charitable, giving heart. Your regard for the citizens of the world -- including the non-human citizens of the world -- compels you to make conscientious and respectful decisions.

When it comes to beauty, you like to keep it natural and cruelty-free, but you do love a little flair here and there. You were thrilled when shimmery powders came back, and you jumped at the chance to accent your eyes with a light dusting of glitter.

Underneath the socially progressive exterior of this Fixed Air Sign lurks a future fetishist -- you have a weakness for gadgets, and you love any product touted as revolutionary or new, especially if it's also all-natural. Since you bore so easily, you're always looking for the next great moisturizer, hair color or cuticle treatment.

Although you have the utmost respect for yourself, you're …

Make up & zodiac signs - Capricorn

You've always been told that you're a hard-working go-getter, Capricorn, that the bedroom and, for that matter, the powder room are secondary to the boardroom in your determined climb to the top.

What is often overlooked in studying this CardinalEarth Sign is the beauty beneath your diligent, conservative exterior.

Capricorns possess an ability to find order in chaos, to find the aspect of a current trend that could become timeless and to enjoy the richness of life in careful but nonetheless enjoyable moderation.

You, Capricorn, are the sensible eater, the one who never forgets the moisturizer and the  sunscreen. Doing right by your health and your body just comes naturally to you. You make it look so easy!

Your common sense approach to the everyday routine of self-maintenance is the key, and that's why you make such a good impression in meetings or job interviews -- you instinctively know how to present yourself.

It's not that you're necessarily conservative; ra…

make up & zodiac signs - sagittarius

While travel is an ever-present longing for Sagittarians, on a day-to-day basis this translates to a need for freedom, an intolerance for constraints and habits. You're a Mutable Fire Sign, meaning you're not only creative and innovative but highly flexible and adaptable to change -- in fact, you love change and see it as an exciting challenge.

So, when it comes to your beauty routine, Sagittarius, you travel light, ready for the next adventure. Cosmetics that don't fit in your backpack, fannypack, purse or coat pocket just get left behind; all you really need is sunscreen and lip balm to protect you from the elements and perhaps a personalized essential oil to keep you fresh during your travels.

If you do decide to pretty yourself up for the evening, you'd do well to call attention to your honest, intelligent eyes and your graceful gait. You move purposefully, and you're comfortable mingling in a crowd. Bare your midriff if possible or hang your pants low on your …

make up & zodiac signs - Scorpio

Of course you've heard all the tales of lusty Scorpio, the Sign of Sex -- the escapades, the seduction, the mysterious stranger in red and black. No other Sun Sign has quite the mystique of this stinging little Scorpion. Yes, those of you born under the intense light of this Fixed Water Sign are intense and passionate, amorous and sometimes secretive.

When it comes to beauty, you wrap your sensuality around you like a long, silken robe -- it envelopes your every move. Your sensuality courses through you like an electric current. While it seems as if you can't help but exude sexual energy, there's a softer side to you. You can be emotional and a loyal friend.

You don't go for the musky perfumes as much as you do sweeter essences like vanilla or spicy fragrances like cinnamon.

You delight in disguise and in dramatic makeovers; wigs and false eyelashes are some of the tools of your cosmetic trade.(notice that Priyanka Chopra's character in the movie seems to do this q…

Make up & Zodiac Signs - Libra

Libras, you certainly know how to please, don't you? You know that the world wants beauty, and you always deliver. Feminine but strong, charming but never coy, you have a knack for looking fabulous with a minimum of effort.

Perhaps it's the inherently captivating quality of this CardinalAir Sign, or maybe it's the way you yearn for harmony at all costs. Maybe it's the Libran need for companionship that influences you to always look your best. Whatever IT is, it imbues you with a healthful glow, a strong and luminous life force that allows you to step out without making yourself up.

Libras seem blessed somehow -- you were likely an adorable baby, a delightful child, a homecoming queen and now a goddess possessed of a decidedly ethereal yet human beauty. It has to be the skin. Since you move through life with the purpose of balance and harmony, the lack of stress shows in your supple and ageless skin. You look lovely in greens and pinks, and you bathe in warm, floral sce…

Make Up & Zodiac Signs - Virgo

Virgo - the most vulnerable and sensitive sign of zodiac.

Sweet Virgo. You get so tired of reading about how good you are, right? Just once you'd like to hear how secretly bad you are. Well, when it comes to beauty, that's just not the case. Lurking behind your mask of perfection is … even more perfection!

You carry yourself with such dignity that it would seem something sinister MUST be going on behind the scenes.  Really, though, Virgo, it's just a well-regimented beauty routine and diligent good grooming.

It's this Mutable Earth Sign's natural dedication to the small details that keeps you looking so stunning. Your vanity or medicine cabinet is well stocked, as you have a product for everything!

Your nails are to die for, and your skin is blemish-free. You pride yourself on keeping up appearances, and delight in name-brand cosmetics that withstand the test of time and trends. Motivated as you are to present a perfect female image, you don't skimp on quality, …