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Post Holi Pore Woes & Summer Make-Up

Image via WikipediaHoli has whizzed past us, leaving us drenched in its wake. It has also left me with gulaal blocked pores. Pimples are sprouting left, right and centre. I realise that there is no solution other than a good clean-up. But just cannot find the time for it.
And i realised that my red sparkling sangria lip gloss from Revlon that rocked my lips all winter is not so cool this summer. Summer, somehow, makes everything bold and and bright seem tacky. Winter seems to demand bright colors. So after a few days of experimentation I have toned down my look. Now is it just a hint of purple-grey eyeliner and some cream NYX red cheeks on lips. No gloss for me, though it seems to be in fashion. No lipstick. No highly defined liquid eyeliner in black. Image via Wikipedia Eye Makeup Trends For Summer 2009This season, eye makeup is bold and bright. Colors like coral, violets and green is in. Use a playful eyeliner pencil.The latest trend in eyebrow shaping is to let them grow to a natur…

Lotus SheaMoist 24-hour moisturiser

I recently came across this new moisturizer by Lotus called Sheamoist. It is a runny, light lotion that smells sinfully of strawberries.

I bought it because it claims to be a 24 hr moisturizer. You may ask what the hell is that?

Here is what the company says: "This innovative 24-hr moisturizer containing shea butter and strawberry extract, moisturizes the skin for extended periods. The time-release formula ensures there are bursts of moisture at regular intervals."

I have tried this thing, and it does seem to be good, keeps skin soft. But for the life of me I cannot figure out this Time-Release Thingie..
Image by LilyBaySoap via Flickr

How the hell does it do that? what exactly do they mean by bursts of moisture? (I keep imaging a thousand sprinklers going off for a nanosecond on my skin every few hours) How do these bursts happen? Who is timing them?

I am so riddled with doubts like the riddler, that even though this product is quite good, I just keep looking at it with a l…

Lakme 9 to 5 Defining Eyeliner in Purple

Ok, let me make this clear. I am not a Lakme fan. For a long time I have experienced that they have very mediocre range of products that they sell at highly inflated prices.

Unfortunately I still feel that they sell at highly inflated prices, but I am beginning to come around their 9 to 5 make-up range. I still don't like their lotions and portions for the skin.
But their 9 to 5 Defining Eyeliner is really good. It lasts through the day. and they have this wonderful smokey purple with silver flecks, that is purple enough to bring out my green eyes and grey enough to be wearable to office. The silver flecks make it look funky. and I am in love with this.

Price: a hefty 299 bucks ladies.. All the same it is worth it.